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Interest letter

Sometimes, the government must proceed with an interest letter publication in order to inform the public and all business that he will make an offer calling. At that moment, concerned businesses will be able to send their detailed proposition. They also can announce immediately their interest and by the use of a document answer the interest letter.

In those cases of such interest letter, the government must announce de facto certain aspects that will need to be followed. The main points, the calendar, the content, the financial aspects, etc., are pronounced.

Interest letter

You will find down below the content generally presented in those type of interest letter from the government for a large project being planed:

  • Brief description of the actual situation
  • The main goal of the letter
  • Context of the project
  • Primal needs
  • Basics demands
  • Secondary demands
  • Calendar that will need to be respected
  • Obligatory content of the response to the interest letter

Generally, in those types of interest letters, the answer given by the businesses, must clearly explain how they can respect all the restrictions of the project, their financial capacities to complete the work, their own expertise, their technical capacities, their realisation strategies, the role of their partners, their anterior experiences, etc.

Interest letter

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