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How to say goodbye to our colleagues

When we quit our job, in good terms preferably, it is a must to send our colleague a little goodbye note by email. It allows to get in touch with the people we weren’t able to say goodbye in person. Indeed, a job our assignment ending can come unexpectedly. Some colleagues could be on vacation or on their day off.

The note is not a way to clean some things up, it must be objective and positive. You mustn’t speak of negative reasons or excuses. You should concentrate on good moments and positive memories. It is appropriated to explain that you spent a good time together and that you learn a lot of things, but that new challenges are calling on to you in new places. It is as simple then that.

You can on the same occasion, give your personal address.

How to say goodbye to our colleagues

Here are some examples of goodbye emails that you can use :

How to say goodbye to our colleagues

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