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How to make an Internet access policy

How to announce to the employees an Internet access policy?

When problems occur in company, it is already a little late. The direction is then in a delicate position… how to repress? How to make sure that it won’t happen again? How to gauge the good consequence? How to determine what is allowed from what is forbidden? How to determine unacceptable from tolerable action? Do we need an Internet access policy use? How to make an Internet access policy?  

How to make an Internet access policy

Even if it is better late that never, the ideal is to be proactive and be upfront of the problems. Thus, the adoption of a use policy of Internet access and its diffusion to the all employees can prevent many embarrassing situations.

The policies can be very long and complex as for finacial institutions, for instance. But they can also be quite simple, short and sufficiently complete to suit any type of company.

We suggest you such an example to be founded in your organization. We suggest you also a second example, below, to use in reaction to an abuse.

Example of Internet access policy

The writing of a Internet access policy is simple. We prepared you one general example of which you can be inspired to create your.

Internet access policy example

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