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How to make an announcement of structural reorganisation

A structural reorganization,
how to make the announcement ?

Several reasons push a company to carry out a change of organisational structure. It fear of acting of the departure of an important resource, but also of the acquisition of a competitor, fusion with a former candidate. It can also be a question of one modification to the strategy of the company. The diversification of the products, services or of the markets. When a company decides to take expansion and to penetrate of new markets, that imposes a new hierarchical organization.  

How to make an announcement of structural reorganisation

If organisational flows are modified, if the processes of climbing are re-examined, if the people resources are positioned differently, it is imperative that the company carries out the diffusion of this new organisational structure.

Just like for the nomination of somebody at a supperior station, the structural reorganization implies emotions at the human ones which are always so much is not very resistant to the changes. Some of them go, with twists or rightly, to perceive threats in this reorganization. Certain people are likely to be considered losers and would have preferred to find themselves differently in new topology.

All these elements arise the importance to proceed quickly and to communicate to all the touched employees the new structure.

Examples of announcement of structural reorganisation

To write an announcement of structural reorganization, is not difficult compared to announce it to the employees without destabilizing them... By traversing the few examples below you will have a good idea how to proceed.

Example of an announcement of organisational change, department of data processing
Announcement of change in the organisational structure
Notice of abolition of a station
Example of announcement of change - maternity leave
Model of announcement of reorganization of the department
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