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How to make a security policy notice

A security policy notice, how to make the announcement to the employees ?

In any company, it is preferable to be proactif. That is obviously easy to say. With the computerization of processes of businesses, the employees henceforth have access to much more information than ever. They are also able to cause much more damage than before in some clicks of a mouse. They are the internal risks.  

How to make a security policy notice

But there are also external risks. How to inform people trying to breach into the company’s systems they are not welcome and that contraveners will be sued?

For employees, it is rather easy, but what about the others?

A good way consists in simply making an informational message expressing the security policy and the consequences not to respect them to all people establishing a connection to the system.

Example of security policy notice

The drafting of a security policy notice, it is rather simple. We prepared you one general example of which you can be inspired to create your.

Example of a security policy notice

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