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How to make a formal notice

It is in general a bad news to receive a formal notice. It is also because something happened that we find ourselves in the obligation to write one.

When damage generating costs occurs, by accident or voluntarily, it is normal to ask for compensation. In the event of a conflict where an agreement seems to us impossible, we do not have much recourse. Thus, one of the solution available to all consists in forwarding a formal notice in due form to the person in charge.  

How to make a formal notice

That it is about a neighbor, of a company with which you had a contract, or any other situations, the drafting of a formal notice is rather simple.

Summarily, the process of how to write a formal notice is not complicated in itself...All there is to do is to write a letter expressing the precise situation of the litigation. The document must clearly identify the two parts in cause (you and the recipient of the formal notice). The letter must be dated and indicate the maximum delay required to solve the disagreement. Obviously, the document must specify how you require solving the litigation or indicating the amount of the compensation required. In the first case it can be a question, for example, to ask for the replacement or the repair of a damaged good. Whereas in the second case, you ask the money value of the good in question.

The letter must clearly carry the mention “UNDER ALL RESERVES” and the text to specify that it is about a formal notice. You must sign the document and forward the original to the recipient by recommended mail (certified). Keep a copy of the letter as well as the proof of reception.

Lastly, if you do not obtain what you ask from the defendant part, you will need you turn to the small claims court and hope to hope to win. Please note that the small claims court of Quebec only treats complaints lower than 7,000 $.

Example of formal notice

In the following page there is an example of formal notice.

Example of a formal notice

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