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Index des méthodes proposées : VISA: réponse de Tonis Lewis

Voici intégralement le message que Tony Lewis a envoyé au groupe de discussion pour lever toute confusion sur l'origine du SET.

Date: Tue, 04 Jun 1996 18:23:00 -0700
From: "Lewis, Tony"
Subject: Origin of SET
To: 'set-discuss'

Some confusion has been expressed lately about the origin of the Secure Electronic Transaction protocol.

In November, MasterCard and Visa met to discuss our then competing specifications for electronic payments: SEPP and STT respectively. We agreed that having two competing specifications was not in the best interest of the payment industry. We also agreed to work together to produce a new specification and to call it SET. Each of us invited vendors to join us in this new effort.

Independent comparisons of the features of SEPP and STT were performed by MasterCard and Visa. In the first meeting of the SET Technical Working Group, we reviewed these feature differences and determined whether the choice made by SEPP designers or the choice made by STT designers was the better one. During this discussion there was surprisingly little disagreement. In every case, we decided that the better choice would be used for SET.

Once the review of feature differences was complete, we put the designs for both SEPP and STT aside and started to work on a new specification. The selection of features from both SEPP and STT made it impossible to use either as a basis for the design of SET. Our choices broke both protocols in ways that made them useless for the design of SET.

Over the past year and a half there have been numerous proposals for securing payment information on the Internet. These proposals have all shared features with other proposals. That has been true been because once one makes a few rather obvious assumptions, the high-level design flows naturally.

Anyone who has worked on such a proposal can undoubtedly see elements of their work in the SET specification. Nonetheless, those of us who have worked on defining SET did not use anyone else's prior design work (including our own).

Statements that SET is a derivative of SEPP or STT are factually incorrect.

Tony Lewis (
Project Manager, Technology Research
Visa International Service Association

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