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Typical recommendation letter

Content of the typical recommendation letter

This typical recommendation letter has an exhaustive and detailed text, years in service, experience, functions, progression of the resource and strength. For the kind of position, it is pretty detailed, but it is an example… Sometimes, this type of letter is written by the resource herself and asks us to sign it. You need to take time to read it closely before going further in your approach. The example of recommendation letter down-below can be use for many position jobs for which the employee improve in a same company: wrapper, cashier, helper, assistant, clerk, and salesman.

Typical recommendation letter

Laval, February 18th 2003
To whom it may concern,

He started as a wrapper at Le Magasin Du Coin in the spring of 1998. Mister X worked mainly in the summer time and part time (on weekends) in spring time and autumn. Since he started at our place, Mister X had an opportunity to develop his expertise in the customer service department. His efficiency to do so, with a lot of energy, devotion and tenacity made him a very much appreciated wrapper by our clients.

Furthermore, his knowledge and his natural leadership made in sort that since the last two years, Mister X helped me to supervise a team of six wrappers and got the job done while I was away and also trained new wrappers.

Adding to his own wrapping positioning, Mister X got trained for managing stocks as they do in a university program, doing the re-stocking of our inside an outside sell surfaces

. No need to say that this high-quality distinction in global administration is one of the most important things for him in order to help him as a manager. As a very punctual and initiative employee, I strongly recommend his candidacy.

Yours truly,

Madam Z,
Manager of Le Magasin Du Coin Laval branch office

Typical recommendation letter

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