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Taking a civil servant retirement

It is difficult to work 30 years at the same place. An achievement! Now our days, it is an event. A situation that will occur less and less. People just change of workplace. Businesses don’t offer all the same advantages and securities. The employees, on the other hand, our less and less loyal towards their employer… On the municipal and governmental side, it is still possible…

Taking a civil servant retirement

Friends, colleagues and collaborators,

It is my turn to thank you for following me during those 30 years being at the service of Montreal citizens. I will end officially my assignment for the City of Montreal on April 9th 2007. Yes Sir… I am taking my civil servant retirement!

Maybe at the Jardin Bothanique, at the Parks service, or in the Ville-Marie urban district, I had the privilege (and sometime challenge!) to have as a preoccupation the amelioration and the embellishment of the life quality of Montreal citizens through his natural “Green” section.

I consider myself very lucky that I got to meet, all those years, extraordinary and passionate people. To those, thank you for your precious collaboration, sometimes for your patience and your close, professional and true friendship.

Finally, on my behalf, challenges such as tango twirls, fish worms, hitting white little balls and survive in foreign countries is awaiting me adding to numerous usual activities like reading, painting, crafting, gardening, tai-ching, cycling to name only those will make a huge agenda to follow.

If you are aware of a way to stretch days to 36 hours, you will be sweet to let me know in order to make my life much easier…

Don’t go think that with all these little delights I will disappear. On the contrary, I will pay even greater attention to those who will get in touch with me trough my personal email address.

I will keep in mind numerous memories of this “life”, and most of all the precious relations I have with those of you I’ve worked with.

Martin Sirois


P.S: I would love to get, if there is, some pictures of me while those different years I’ve worked for the city, I would be very pleased if some of you could send me those digital pictures through my personal email address or even better, in person at our different prearranged meeting.

Taking a civil servant retirement

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