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Redaction of an example of a recommendation letter for a accounting assistant CV

Content of the recommendation letter

This example is very complete and has more details. Of course, your ex-employer would be please to get such a letter from you. This text can help you to start your recommendation letter for an accounting assistant positioning.

Redaction of an example of a recommendation letter for a accounting assistant CV

Montreal, September 2005
To whom it may concern,

Knowing Madam X for more then fiver years, I was one of her immediate superiors for the first three years she worked at Rambit.

Madam X started working in the summer of 1999 and was always efficient as an accounting assistant. Not needing much supervision, she can put a lot of energy in her work. When we implanted a new accounting module, Madame X learn quickly and easily. Along the years, she wrote a reference manual ADTRAQ about the internal procedure of the accounting in the company.

She was a member of the CAMO when the work was reorganised. A small group was formed and Madam X was always present at the meetings, brought her ideas and solutions to the suggested propositions.

She was the intermediate person between the trainer and RAMBIT when the training on Excel and Word was given. She also had advance training on Excel in order to be a power user for the company.

Other than her function as accounting assistant, she also assisted me on different human resources projects. She, as an example, made descriptive folders of every employee assignment, the assignment evaluation files, the employee manual and training documents. She made the interview questionnaire and the evaluation scale for the employment of new employees.

Very available and punctual, Madame X is worried of the quality of her work and do it with application. Having a good work ethic with her coworkers, she knows how to communicate with the ones she works with.

Very satisfied of her behaviour and knowledge, I recommend her to any employer who looks for an organised employee that knows how to deal with priorities and have good sense of initiatives. Yours truly,

Mister XYZ
Human resources vice-president

Redaction of an example of a recommendation letter for a accounting assistant CV

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