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Information which a letter of presentation
for CV must contain

As already mentioned, the letter of presentation must describe you well. Information must be presented clearly.
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Why a letter of presentation for CV
Information which a letter of presentation for CV must contain 
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information which a letter of presentation for CV must contain


Information to find in a letter of presentation for CV

Each letter of presentation is personalized and adapted according to the coveted station. It is necessary to emphasize our experiments, our achievements, our qualities, our knowledge which is in bond with the station.

We begin our letter by writing the sending date, the name and the title of the person to whom it is addressed and his co-ordinates.

Thereafter, you write the object of your letter. The object is optional, but interesting because it comes to specify the station coveted by your offer of service.

First paragraph, the introduction: You mention there the title of the station for which you postulate as well as the source of reference if you answer an advertisement. Show interest at the station and the company by explaining why you decided to postulate within their company.

Second and third paragraph, the development: You mention your formation and your technical training (linguistic, data-processing and with the profession). You mention your experiments and achievements, your skills like your personal qualities most relevant fulfilling the requirements of employment. Your distinctive assets and what you can offer to the employer.

NOTE: If you have few studies, you go miser on your competences and experiments of work. Your distinctive assets become key elements.
Fourth paragraph, the conclusion: You mention your interest to obtain a meeting, an interview and you finish by a complimentary close, thanking the employer for his interest for your candidature.

At the end of your letter do not forget to write your co-ordinates.

Do not to forget the mention: p.j. curriculum vitae. This indicates to the employer that following your letter, it will find your CV there.

Good drafting!

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