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Goodbye message through email

Here is a goodbye message through email from someone that was very implicated in the project, someone that gave its all. The person leaves the project, but stays in the same business, being affected to an other position in the company.

Here is a goodbye message through email adapted to those circumstances.

Goodbye message through email

Subject: My last day on SAP

Hello everyone…

I simply wanted to say that this is my last day on the SAP project and I wanted to say a big thank you for your close collaboration and your support in the project.

After more then two years on the project, I’ve decided to get on with a new project and go in an other part of the company. I’ve decided to pursue my carrier plans as a project manager in the JAVA team.

My passage in the project allowed me to evolve in a spectacular way on a personal level. I stand up to so many challenges and situation that allowed me to become a better person. I’ve worked with great and dedicated people. Continue your great work on the project and end it well so that so that our clients can get the best client experience.

We will probably get a chance to see each other soon. Don’t hesitate to right me or call me if you need to. It will be my pleasure to help and orient you.

Thank you again to all of you to allowed me to get a great ride through those two years.


Goodbye message through email

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