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Goodbye message by email

Sometimes, when we didn’t work for a very long time, the message that we send to our colleagues can be shorter. This goodbye message by email is more simple and detached, still it is friendly.

Goodbye message by email

Subject: It is only “goodbye”

Dear colleagues,

Tuesday September 23rd will be my last day on the project, and I want to thank you all for your collaboration while I was working on your team. It was my pleasure to get to know you and work closely with many of you.

This was for me a rich experience on many points and the decision wasn’t easy to make.

I wish you all a lot of success in the future and in all that you will start on.

Here are my personal addresses:
Cell: 514-123-4578

I would be a pleasure for me to keep in touch

Until next time,

Goodbye message by email

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