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Goodbye email of an assistant

Here is an example of a goodbye email of an administrative assistant that you can send to your old work team when you change of place. More the assistant worked with her group, more she can be personal in her note.

Goodbye email of an assistant

Subject: It is only “goodbye”

Hello everyone,

I take a few minutes of your time to thank you all of your warm welcome to the computing team. I went to many different offices and got the chance to work with the teams of Montreal head office and the office in Longueil. I am happy and proud to say that I “almost” know you all by names; it is an honour and privilege that will help me again in my new position.

Yes, starting next week, I will join the Customer after-service team. I will now act as the team coordinator. A new challenge. Starting Monday it is Martine Guertin that will take my place as administrative assistant next to Marie-France.

It is only “goodbye”, since I really want to see you again in our new office after the relocation… or maybe at our monthly 5to7.

I will miss you all.

Thank you and we will see each other soon.

Gisèle Lecavalier

Goodbye email of an assistant

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