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Freelance resignation letter

Being freelance means accepting to work on contracts. We don’t really know when we are going to find a new contract, or the term. And, when we have an assignment, we don’t know when the client will decide to put an end to it. Indeed, here in Quebec, even with a starting date and an ending date specified in the contract, there can be stipulations that can allow both parties to put an end to the contract. Of course, those stipulations, that protect both parties, have restrictions and are defined and must be applied according to the framework.

When the decision comes from the freelance, he must give his resignation to his boss as soon as possible and most likely from hand to hand. It is a respectful way to proceed and it makes the discussion easier.

Of course, the content of the letter must be adapted to the client. The letter must be short and positive. No need to say anything that could hurt you along the way. You need to leave in good terms.

However, you should read your contract closely to make sure that you can put an end to it before the ending date. You will find down-below an example of a freelance resignation letter to give to your client.

Freelance resignation letter

Friday February 28th 2008
Send to : Danny Gendron
Projet CAFO, Bombardier
Monsieur Danny Gendron,

For over a year now, I was working on the CAFO project for Bombardier. I am grateful that I was able to learn and develop new knowledge. I strongly appreciated this period of time where I had a chance to work with great people, some even became good friends.

Other projects and challenges are calling out to me, some that will allow me to gain some new experience in a new background.

It is with regret that I give you my resignation as a consultant for Bombardier. For that purpose, I inform you that I will respect the 2 weeks delay. This being said, I will cease to work for Bombardier on February 27th 2008.

I would like to thank Groupe informatique inc. and Desjardins for the trust they always had in me.


Francis Dupuis

Freelance resignation letter

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