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Example of nomination of director of operation


A new director! With an intern organisational change. Here an example of a Director of operations nomination :

Nomination of director of operation

November 22 1997 - Nomination of Sylvain Grondin
Sylvain Grondin
Directeur of operations
Technological development

It pleases to me to announce to you the nomination of Mr Sylvain Grondin as director of operations, technological the Développement, within vice-presidency, on November 11, 1997.

Sylvain is now responsible for the whole of the Systems team of support to the operations following the nomination of Samuel at the post of principal director to the operations. So Sabrina Dupuis, head of department, Jule Bachand, administrative operation and Sonia Groleau, adviser in formation will be now under his direction. Sylvain will refer himself directly to me.

I am assured that you will join to me to wish in Sylvain much success in his new functions.

Berte Allard,
Vice-president, operations

How to make a nomination notice

How to make a nomination notice

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