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Example of Engineer nomination notice


Here an example of an engineer nomination notice for an employee who previously had a station inside the company. It is an example where the nomination notice precedes the entry according to the person in her new functions..

Engineer nomination notice

March 26, 1997 – Nomination of Edith Brault
Edith Brault

Engineer, design support

It pleases to me to announce to you the nomination of Mrs Edith Brault as engineer, to the station of design support, within the direction Conception Optical fibres of Rambit. It will take up duty on next 2 April.

Audrey will be responsible for the installation for the standards, procedures, quality control and architecture of the optical fibre network to the country within the team. This project of several years will imply a modification of the current architecture of the fibre-coax network in order to make it ready to effectively transmit the signals of great capacity which the services of Rambit will require soon.

In October 1996, Edith was committed like consulting by Rambit and occupied to now a station of designer. She holds a Control in Electric Genius at the Polytechnic School of Montreal as well as a diploma of the School of Higher Technology of Montreal.

I invite you to join me to wish her good success in her new functions.

Christian Delorme

How to make a nomination notice

How to make a nomination notice

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