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Simple letter of retirement


A letter of retirement can be rather simple too.
In the case below, it is a director who was well appreciated
of his colleagues.

Simple letter of retirement

June 1989
Retirement annoucement

Our dear director takes his retirement: a retirement really deserved !

Having cumulated more than 37 years to the service of education, our dear director, Bernard Turcotte, takes his retirement.

We all can imagine the task of most difficult of our beloved director raised with brilliance. Mr Turcotte daily had under his
load two schools at the time the 8 last years. He began within our school as a professor by teaching chemistry.

The direction of the school is now under Mr Francis Charbonneau. Mr Charbonneau has been with us for already 21 years.
He knows well all the gears of the school.

We wish good retirement to Bernard and the welcome to Mr. Charbonneau.

Sylvie et Josée.

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