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Model of retirement announcement - Retirement party


Why not from it benefit to make a small party ? The following example joint in the announcement of retirement information for the party of retirement of the friend who leaves.

Model of retirement announcement - Retirement party

Hi everybody,

Nathalie chose to take her retirement on next 22 May.

We invite you to come to celebrate with her this memorable event: more than 30 years to the service of the company,
it as to be celebrate! Come to share memories, anecdotes, bring photographs if you have some.

We await you Wednesday May 19, to the Hilton hotel, from 5 to 7. There will be a buffet. There will be a parking at
the cost of 10$.

We would need a response to know the exact number of people. Please before May 29.

We want to offer a gift she will remember a long time, we would wish a contribution of 10$ per person, but all other
going up is welcome. The company will double the amount accumulated by the employees.

Thank you to answer us as soon as possible.

Your very devoted administrative assistant Ginette

P.S. if we forgot to invite somebody, do not hesitate to make follow the invitation

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