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Model announcement of retirement of municipal secretary


The retirements, that also exists in the world of voluntary
and the world municipal/gouvernemental... Here is an example
of an announcement of retirement of a municipal employee
loved of all... the municipal secretary !

Model announcement of retirement of municipal secretary

Retirement of our municipal secretary

Our devoted municipal secretary takes her retirement

Mrs. Savard began her career as a municipal secretary in 1975.

With over than 27 years of honest services at the community, Mrs. Savard will take her retirement on next 23 October.

She assumed, after her entries in function, all the administrative tasks associated the post of secretary- treasurer, from
beginning after precepity departure of our trésorier.Fonction, which she always continued to occupy until today.

Mrs. Savard, while occupying her inherent functions at the post of secretary- treasurer, was always with the service of
our citizens. She took part in several major projects and the commercial rise of our municipality.

In parallèlle with the irreproachable achievement of her administrative offices, Mrs. Savard was very implied in the
community and various causes and voluntary organizations within our community. She in particular set up many activities
of financing, all balanced of a great success.

Mrs. Savard can leave in all quietude with the legitimate feeling of the accomplished duty.She will continue to be implied
socially and with being active within our community…

Good retirement and good continuation Mrs. Savard !

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