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Example announcement retirement of Vice-President


The announcement of the retirement of a Vice-president
or even of a president must be carried out in the code of practice. The employees, the partners of businesses, the customers and sometimes even the stock exchange markets must be reassured.
The continuity of the businesses is important. Here an example
of announcement of retirement of a Vice-president
. You will notice the character a little more formal official statement.

Example announcement retirement of Vice President

Benoit Belair takes his retirement - Insurance company ABC Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO, March 22, 1996 - Insurance company ABC Canada announces today that Benoit Bélair,
current Vice-Président and chief of the direction in Toronto, will take his retirement at the end of this year. Benoit Bélair
will be succeeded by Steve Leclair which was the assistant vice-president of the company, subject to the approval of
the board of directors and the organization of regulation.

"Our country of origin, Canada, continues to be our most important market where we continue to widen our range of
service. Our financial products and our vast line of goods enables us to meet their specific needs. I am persuaded that
the Canadian activities of the Insurance company ABC Canada will continue to thrive under the direction of Steve Leclair."
Specify Frank Berard, Vice-Présidence Treasury.

"I make a point of thanking Benoit for his devotion during these many years to the service for the Insurance company ABC
Canada. I wish him long and happy retirement ". add John McCrea, chairman of Insurance company ABC North America.

Information media
Suzie White
Director of the communications, Insurance company ABC in Canada

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