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Example of service with church service

Some defunct and their family wants the departure towards clear skies to be celebrated with a church service.

Example of service with church service

Melanie Picard (born Robidoux)
October 7th 1921-August 18th 2004

In Montreal, on August 18th 2004, a the age of 98 years old, Melanie Picard passed away, wife of late Petrus Picard, mother of Alphonse (Julie), Pete (Louise) et Suzie (Willy), grandmother of Marie-Ève, Suzanne (Patrice), Thomas, Annie, Caroline et Patricia, great-grandmother of Jean-Claude, sister of François (d), Lucienne, Gérard (d), Noël, Yvette, Germaine et Jean-Denis (Micheline).

She also leave many family and friends. Family will receive condolences at the Complexe funéraire Mont-Royal, 1297, chemin de la Forêt, on Friday August 24th from 5pm to 7pm.

A church service will follow at the complex chapel
Complexe funéraire Mont-Royal
1297, Chemin du cimetière

Example of service with church service

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