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Model of reference letter for salesman


We present you a model of reference letter for an employee who occupied a post of salesman, saleswoman in your company. It acts once again of a very positive letter of reference (we like our salesmen!).

Model of reference letter for salesman


Mirabel, february 21 2005

To who it concern,

Knowing Mr X for more than four years, I have been his immediate superior during the first two seasons when Mr X worked at our seedbed, branch of Laval. During this time, Mr X worked as salesman and with the maintenance of the plants.

Needing little supervision, Mr X can put much energy at his work and is able to analyze a situation well and to take the necessary initiatives to help the customers or to see with the maintenance of the places. Very available and specific, he is concerned of a work well done and carries out it with meticulousness.

During its work period under my direct supervision, he assisted me as a supervisor with the operations of our group of three employees while taking part in the training of the new employees or by defining the schedules as for the periods of dinner and coffee break.

Consequently, I recommend his candidature.

Yours sincerely.

Mrs Manson, Tree & Deco, inc

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