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General reference letter

Contents of the letter of reference

Here a model general reference letter for your employees. we dont indicate in this one too much details. Only general information. You can use it just as it is or adapt it.

General reference letter


Lachenais, april 6 2000

With the appropriate authority,

The present one consists in giving you some references concerning the person of Mrs X.

Mrs X was with us from October 2, 1995 to March 5, 2000. During this period of time, she was specific, honest, responsible and dynamic, by achieving a neat work. Moreover, she always knew how to accomodate our customers with courtesy.

In a word, we were always satisfied of her services, then we do not hesitate to recommend her.

Yours sincerely.

Mr Taillon, President, 2B Enteprises inc.

How to write a reference letter

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