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Example of email to the colleagues

When your last day of work arrives, you can send an email like this one down below. This example is appropriate when you leave after you’ve worked with determination with many colleagues for many years…

All depending of the relation you’ve developed with your colleagues, you car take this as a basic example of an email for the colleagues.

Example of email to the colleagues

Hello everyone,

This day is filled with emotions and memories, I wanted to thank you for your support you’ve gave me all those years I worked for Rambit. I end officially my job today March 1st 2002.

I had the pleasure and privilege to beneficiate of the advices and the professionalism of extraordinary and passionate people all the time I’ve worked with you. I can now say that I see the everyday work under a new “harsh” angle! To those, thank you for your precious collaboration, your patience and your sincere friendship.

Don’t think that with my new challenges, I will disappear. On the contrary, I will only put a bigger importance to all those who will address me trough my personal email:

I keep great memories and, mostly, precious relations with some of you.

Sam Gauthier

Example of email to the colleagues

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