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Example of an email after an after work party

In some circumstances, when the announcement of your departure is made at the beginning of your notice, people set up an after work party. In this case, you can send an email to the group the day after to thank them. You can ask the collaboration of an intern friend, or to your old boss or with the help of your old assistant manager.

Here is down below an example of an email after an after hour party to send you ex-colleagues that were present.

Example of an email after an after work party

Hello to all of you,

After this emotional and memory filled day/evening (and short night, my son was running around the house at 5am), I wanted to thank you all for the way you’ve welcomed me in the project.

I had the honour and privileged to beneficiate of your advices and professionalism of extraordinary passionate people. Thank you for your precious collaboration and your patience when you explained to me the same thing… always with devotion and rigor (as it can be done).

My departure was not an easy decision to make, but is only because of the challenges that are appealing to me in the new Hydro Quebec internet project… I will start a few blocks away from you next week.

I keep great memories, and mostly great friends.

Here is my personal address:


Example of an email after an after work party

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