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Example of a security policy notice

How to start writing a security policy notice?

It is important of personalized your security notice according to the structure of your organization, the computing systems that you have as well as according to the internal rules and regulations. Here an example of a rather complete security policy notice that includes almost everything:

Example of a security policy notice

Security Notice

The access following the authentification of this system constitutes a formal acceptance of the elements mentioned below. Access to computing systems is strictly forbidden to unautorized person and such could lead to prosecutions.

The use of the computing system of [name of your company] is governed by the information security policies of the company as well as the code of conduct of [name of your company]. These documents are available on demand in paper version and at all time on Intranet.

Information contained in the computing systems is the exclusive property of [name of your company] and can be useful apart from the framework of businesses of [name of your company].

[name of your company] reserves the right to supervise in any time the use of the computing systems made by users. Any violation of theinformation security policies of the company or the code of conduct of [name of your company] will involve one or more forseen measures for this purpose.

How to make a security policy notice
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