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Example of a nomination notice for an engineer

Here is an example of a nomination notice for an engineer that was before employed at an inferior position in the same company. This is an example where the notice must be given before the person starts at her new position.

Example of a nomination notice for and engineer

March 26th 1997- Nomination of Edith Brault
Edith Brault

Engineer, conception support

It is my pleasure to announce the nomination of Madam Edith Brault at the engineer position, conception support in the optic fibre conception directors team at Rambit. She will start on April 2nd.

Edith will be responsible of putting in place norms, proceeding, quality control and architectural network of the optic fibre in the team. This project will take many years and will involve a modification in the architectural aspect of the actual optic fibre-coax network in order to allow it to transport efficiently signal of great capacity that Rambit will require soon.

In October 1996, Edith was employed as a consultant by Rambit and was until now at an idea women position. She has a master’s degree in Electrical engineering from the École Polytechnique of Montreal and a diploma at the École de Technologie Supérieurs de Montreal as well.

I invite you to join me and wish her a lot of success with her new assignments.

Christian Delorme
Project manager
Optic fibre development

Example of a nomination notice for and engineer

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