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Example of a goodbye by email

When we had a good chemistry with the team, it is hard to leave… But once our mind is made up, we need to let things go. Here is an example of goodbye by email that should make this chemistry show trough.

Example of a goodbye by email

Hello everyone,

It is today that my adventure at Eaton comes to an end. I want first of all say a huge thank you to all the employees that treated me as one of them. Berthe, Josée, Nathalie, Stéphanie, Karine, Robert, Renée, Pénélope, Emmanuelle, ... (I am forgetting some I am sure), THANK YOU.

We were a great team. I wish you all good luck to those that will stay. I have big trust in you.

I will keep a great memory of all of you and I sincerely wish that I will work with you one of these day, here or somewhere else.

Good luck and I will see you soon, I am sure of it.

P.S. I tried to think of everyone… thousand of excuse if I forgot some of you…

Cellulaire: 514-123-4578
Email :

Example of a goodbye by email

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