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Example of a formal notice

How to start writing a formal notice?

Below you will find an example of formal notice. This model is rather simple but it contains the essential. A formal notice is not a novel. It is necessary to go right to the point.

Example of a formal notice

Montreal, January 7th, 2009

TO: Bob Bobby
123, rue Duparc
Montreal, Quebec
H1H 2:3

FROM: Alice Bobby
456, rue Dupont
Montreal, Quebec
H1H 2:3

The present formal notice is to inform you that I claim 1,500$ for the damages to my fence at the time of the realization of your work at your house. It is the required cost to replace the damaged section according to the estimator of the company that came to assess the repair.

I thus put you on formal notice to pay me this sum of 1,500$ within 10 days. In the contrary case, legal procedures could be brought against you without another notice nor delay.

Thank you to proceed to the payment within the necessary delay


How to make a formal notice
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