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Doctor retirement notice

When a doctor takes his retirement, he must announce-it to his patients. And this, in advance enough to allow them to start their search process towards finding a new doctor.

Doctor retirement notice

Doctor’s retirement
Doctor Joseph Dion will take his retirement after 42 years at the Sainte-Justine Hospital.

Doctor Joseph Dion will retire, after 42 years of great service at the Sainte-Justine Hospital. Mister Dion started his career with us as a teacher in the medicine faculty of the Montreal University. Then, Mister Dion went on a humanitarian mission with the army for two years. He came back with us as principal emergency room doctor.

Mister Dion career never stop growing. In 1987, he was named honorary staff member of and acceded at the same time to the head-registrar title. He keep this position until now. Hard worker, he added up many other related functions like specialist advisor at the hospital archives. Mister Dion also was in charge of the files and patient demands from governmental authorities (indenisation, boarding house, well-being) and tribunals (lawyers and coroners).

Let’s say for an ending that he was head surgeon in the hospital for the last seven years and he greatly help the settings of the Sainte-Justine hospital foundation.

In the name of his numerous colleagues, patients, students, we wish him a great retirement.

The comity.

Doctor retirement notice

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