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Announce preretirement example

It is not easy for everybody to go from working to retirement this is why must of workers prefer to start with a preretirement… Or a part-time retirement! Sometimes, the employee continues to work with the same business, sometime, he gets a part-time job somewhere else.

Announce preretirement example

Dear colleagues, goodbye!!!

Today is the day for me to leave. A leaving for a greater tomorrow is the choice I’ve made.: starting with a 8 month preretirement followed by my true retirement…

Thank you all, dear colleagues, and thank you Montreal City, my unique employer,
  • you gave me a job, support, encouragement, appreciation…
  • you helped me in my different assignments and projects
  • you excuse my mistakes
  • you accepted me as who I was and wanted to be
  • you shared my highs and lows
  • ... in all my government service years. You were my second family.
Nice memories are for ever stamped in me and I will cherish them.

May health, happiness, peace and joy be always with you and with your families!


Announce preretirement example

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