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An example of an external advisor employment

Sometimes it is painful. The external recruitment is never appreciated by employees that can see it as a threat. However, it is necessary to announce it. Here is an example of an external advisor employment.

An example of an external advisor employment

November 27th 1997- Nomination of Michel Brodeur
Marketing manager
Marketing service affaires

It is with great pleasure that I announce you the nomination of Michel Brodeur entitled to the new marketing manager position in the vice-president marketing service affaires team. Michel started with us yesterday, November 26th.

He worked for over 5 years at Microsoft and occupied many manager positions. Michel have a master’s degree in business management (MBA) from the École des Hautes Études Commercials (HEC). His master combined with his experience will be a great asset for our team.

Michel will have as main assignment to make sure of the development of the product as well as the elaboration and implantation of commercial strategies for the selling of the company’s products. He will also manage many to develop other strategies.

I invite you to join me to wish Michel best of luck with his new position.

Frank Fleury
Principal Manager
Marketing service affaires

An example of an external advisor employment

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